Pusharo Petroglyphs

The Pusharo Petroglyphs are perhaps the most mysterious enigma located in this region of the world. Due to its remote location, deep within Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon, very little research has been done on these undeciphered glyphs. The glyphs are comprised of various geometric shapes, figures and abstract designs. Is it perhaps a cosmic map? Overgrown with lush vegetation and located in an area rife with uncontacted natives, very little information has been gathered about the site. No one knows who created them, when they were created or why. There are several stories surrounding the civilization that once was said to reside here and then suddenly vanished. One of the theories is that the civilization disappeared within the stones themselves and now dwell within inner Earth. It has also been suggested that similar undeciphered glyphs have been found in Colombia & Brazil. Pusharo is regarded as highly spiritual and although very few tourists venture to view the petroglyphs, it is a site that has been appealing to curious adventurers and mystical tourists alike.

Pusharo Petroglyphs - Peru Eco Expeditions

Peru Eco Expeditions offers custom designed expeditions to view the mysterious Pusharo Petroglyphs. The privately guided journey will begin & end in the historical city of Cusco. Travelers will traverse the Andes and descend deep into the cloud forest below. After immersing into this stunning landscape and experiencing several micro-climates, the group will then continue to the lowland Amazon rainforest. Here, the group deviates from the main waterway via a tributary and officially enters Manu National Park. Guests will stay at the Pusharo Lodge, which is run by natives from the Palotoa-Teparo native community. This will serve as their base to explore the Pusharo Petroglyphs as well as the surrounding area. Please note that a variety of activities can be incorporated into this expedition – Amazon trekking, mountain biking, hot springs, cultural activities….etc.

Please also note that a special permit is required to operate tours within Manu National Park. Peru Eco Expeditions works directly with the native village of Palotoa-Teparo to obtain this permit. Please contact us below to begin planning your expedition to this unique destination!

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