Luxury Amazon Cruises

Peru Eco Expeditions is partnered with Delfin Amazon Cruises, who offers luxury Amazon cruises in the northern Peruvian Amazon. Guests fly into the isolated city of Iquitos, which is only accessible by air or water, and depart on the cruise from the small port town of Nauta. Delfin offers experiences with impeccable service and attention to detail aboard their beautiful luxury fleet of vessels with itineraries that are both magical and immersive. Delfin also supports social projects for the local communities in this area. The Delfin fleet consists of three vessels, each appealing to different travel styles. Visiting the Amazon region and experiencing its incredible wildlife, to include a chance to see the famed pink river dolphins, is an excellent enhancement to luxury programs in Peru. Peru Eco Expeditions can incorporate FIT, group or charter bookings with Delfin into our custom designed itineraries.

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