Luxury Ausangate Trek

Spend five breathtaking days trekking in the Vilcanota´s Cordillera, on a route we call “El Camino del Apu Ausangate”. This route traverses Apu Ausangate, which stands at 6,384 meters (20,939 feet) and is the highest mountain in the Cusco Region of Peru. It has been revered as a sacred mountain since before the time of the Incas. Peru Eco Expeditions in partnership with Andean Lodges is proud to be part of the best lodge to lodge trekking experience in Peru!

The scenery of this trek is otherworldly and is comprised of massive glaciers, colorful lagoons, emerald green vegetation, crimson red mountains and of course the deep blue Andean skies.  Each day of the trek offers unique landscapes and varying scenery – not one day is similar to the next!   The trail also passes through Vinicunca, which is commonly referred to as the “Rainbow Mountain”. Vicunas are often spotted scampering up the mountain passes in this area as well.  This is by far the most popular route to experience this beautiful landscape and our most requested trekking program.

The trek will be accompanied by llamas and horses that will carry the gear. They are owned by shepherds of the communities of Chillca and Osefina, who are proud to share their land with us, as well as the Spirit of their inspiring world. On the hikes and in the unique “Tambos” or Andean Lodges, daily meals will be prepared by experienced local chefs who will introduce you to a great variety of delicious Peruvian dishes and fresh produce.  Authentic entertainment (played by local inhabitants) will liven up some of the evenings at the “tambos.” Each night the lodges offer hot beverages, a warm fireplace, hot showers and comfortable beds.

Ausangate Trek Day #4 Sunrise (2)

Physical Preparation:
Trekkers considering this route must be in good physical condition.  It is recommended that each participant has a preliminary 3 to 4 day acclimation stage prior to embarking on this trek as the trail ascends mountain passes at altitudes higher than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet).    It is also important that hikers stay extremely well hydrated prior to and during the trek as a way to prevent altitude sickness.

Important Facts:
Total Distance Covered:                41.1 kilometers (25.5 miles)
Maximum Altitude:                         5,150 meters (16,896 feet)
Minimum Altitude:                          3,965 meters (13,008 feet)

Day 1 – Cusco – Chillca Tambo:
After departing Cusco in a comfortable coach we head along the Vilcanota River to visit the temple of Checacupe.  From there we then continue to the upper valley of Pitumarca.  Once stopping at Japura, we will trek a short distance through a small river canyon to the Chillca Lodge where we will be greeted by the local lodge keeper.

Driving Time:                    3 – 4 Hours (With Stops)
Hiking Time:                     1.5 Hours / 3.3 kilometers (2.05 miles)
Difficulty:                           Low
Lodge:                                Chillca Tambo
Lowest Altitude:               4,290 meters (14,075 feet)
Highest Altitude:              4,350 meters (14,272 feet)

Chillca Tambo

Day 2 – Chillca Tambo – Machuraccay Tambo:
After breakfast we will trek alongside herds of alpacas and llamas in the glacier valley of Phinaya.  Fronting the trail are the picturesque Pjachaj Waterfalls, which cascade down the rugged mountains at the end of the valley.   After a picnic lunch the trail turns towards Apu Ausangate.  Surrounded by glaciers and impressive views, the afternoon will be spent trekking directly towards the Apu.  Machuraccay Tambo is the lodge that is closest to the sacred mountain as well as the highest mountain lodge in the world.

Hiking Time:                     6 Hours / 9.9 kilometers (6.2 miles)
Difficulty:                          Medium – High
Lodge:                                Machuraccay Tambo
Lowest Altitude:              4,350 meters (14,272 feet)
Highest Altitude:              4,850 meters (15,912 feet)

Day 3 – Machuraccay Tambo – Anantapata Tambo:
The morning starts off with an offering to Apu Ausangate followed by an ascent up the highest mountain pass of the entire trek, which stands at 5,200 meters (17,056 feet).  The summit of the pass offers stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains.  After resting at the pass the descent then takes us alongside the glacier of Ausangate to the green lake below, Ausangate Cocha.  The duration of the hike for this day meanders through pastures of grazing alpacas.

Hiking Time:                     5 Hours / 9.5 kilometers (5.9 miles)
Difficulty:                          High – Medium+
Lodge:                                Anantapata Tambo
Lowest Altitude:             4,850 meters (15,912 feet)
Highest Altitude:             5,150 meters (16,896 feet)

Mariposa Llamas

Day 4 – Anantapata Tambo – Huampococha Tambo:
After breakfast, we will ascend another mountain pass that stands at 5,100 meters (16,728 feet).  After passing by several lakes and varying landscape we will then come to one of the highlights of the trek, Vinicunca, also known as “Rainbow Mountain”. The geology of this region is simply breathtaking with the mountains being striated with various different colors due to the complex mix of minerals. The trek continues through the red mountains to the last lodge, Huampococha Tambo. This lodge is fronted by a lake and it offers the last views we will have of the Apu Ausangate.

Hiking Time:                     6 Hours / 10.1 kilometers (6.3 miles)
Difficulty:                           High – Medium+
Lodge:                                 Huampococha Tambo
Lowest Altitude:               4,730 meters (15,518 feet)
Highest Altitude:               4,985 meters (16,355 feet)

Ausangate Trek - Vinicunca Snow

Day 5 – Huampococha Tambo – Cusco:
The morning begins with the ascension of the final mountain pass.  Once completed the trek is all downhill.  It is the last chance for trekkers to soak up the beautiful surroundings of the remote villages in the Peruvian High Andes.   At the conclusion of the trek, lunch will be served and the coach will be waiting for our return to Cusco.

Hiking Time:                    4.5 Hours / 8.3 kilometers (5.2 miles)
Difficulty:                          Medium+
Lowest Altitude:              4,820 meters (15,814 feet)
Highest Altitude:              4,960 meters (16,272 feet)
Drive Time:                       3 Hours

Huampococha Llamas

Included Services:
– General Organization of the Trek
– All Staff to Include Expert Mountain Guide, Cook, Housekeeper, Horseman & Llama  Handler
– Private Transportation to/from Cusco
– Accommodation in Double Rooms
– Biodegradable Hand Soap, Shampoo & Towels Provided Daily
– All Meals – Beginning with Lunch on Day 1 to Lunch on Day 5
– Daily Snacks & Filtered Water
– Porterage by Llamas
– Waterproof Bags for the Baggage Carried by Llamas
– First Aid Kit & Oxygen

Not Included:
– International & Domestic Flights
– Staff Gratuity (Suggested $100.00 Per Trekker to Split Between Staff)

Special Notes:
– There is no electricity at any of the lodges. Anantapata Tambo (Day 3) has a solar  powered charging station, where electronics can be recharged.
– All rooms have private bathrooms & hot showers.
– Transportation times are subject to change based on traffic / road  conditions.
– Hike times will vary depending on the skill level / altitude adjustment of the group.
– Local, authentic textiles are available for purchase along the way.
– Cash should be  brought if guests would like to purchase these items.

$1,590.00 USD Per Person

– Pricing is valid for 2023.
– Pricing is valid for the fixed departure date as well as private groups of (4) or more with private service on any departure date.
– The Lodge to Lodge Ausangate Trek can also be operated in 3 or 4-Days (for those on a tighter time schedule) as well as 6-Days (extra acclimatization day).  If interested, please contact us for further details.
– Rates are based on shared accommodation and a single room supplement for solo travelers would be an additional $350.00 USD.
– Minimum age for participation is 12 years old.

Fixed 2023 Departure Dates:
*Every Friday (March – November)

Ausangate Llamas

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