Peru Eco Expeditions

Founded in 2011 by Daniel & Sara Bustamante, Peru Eco Expeditions is an ecotourism company that specializes in luxury adventure travel and custom expeditions.  Our vision was to create a sustainable travel agency that caters towards guests who would like to experience Peru authentically on custom designed, private expeditions.

At Peru Eco Expeditions we promote sustainable tourism in which we focus on the impacts that we create on the places that we visit.  In doing so, it enhances the quality of the experience for our guests as well as for the local destinations & communities in which we explore.

Our goal is to ignite a passion in visitors to Peru that will lead to sustainability of the natural environment as well as conservation and preservation of our beloved homeland for future generations.

Peru Eco Expeditions looks forward to welcoming you to our magnificent country!

Buen Viaje!

Salkantay One Day Trek Sara & Daniel

The P.E.E. Difference

Daniel Bustamante – Owner Bio

Sara Bustamante – Owner Bio

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