7-Day Luxury Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Peru Eco Exepditions has partnered with Mountain Lodges of Peru to offer the most luxurious trekking experience to Machu Picchu Sanctuary!

The Salkantay 7-Day/6-Night Trek to Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime physical and spiritual journey through the magnificent Salkantay region. This intermediate / advanced trek travels up and down through nine distinct microclimates, across promontories and fields of boulders, over a 15,000 ft mountain pass, along rivers, and up original Inca steps at the edge of the Amazon jungle.

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Along the Salkantay trail, trekkers will journey through varied terrain both challenging and awe-inspiring. Up-close views of glacier mountain peaks, mysterious fog surrounding fields of boulders, and cattle drives through the most remote of mountain areas are sights that will only enhance the spectacular topography, lush vegetation, and intriguing archaeological areas that you will encounter. Locals, still proudly attached to their Andean heritage, will greet you along the way and give you a glimpse into their rarely seen world.  Led by well-respected and extremely knowledgeable Mountain Lodges of Peru guides, you are guaranteed personal attention and a commitment to safety. The staff at our mountain-luxury lodges, situated in pristine locations along the trail, will welcome you warmly at the end of each day with the utmost in service and amenities.

Important Facts:
Total Distance Covered:          68 Kilometers / 42 Miles
Maximum Altitude:                 4,638 Meters (15,213 Feet)
Minimum Altitude:                  1,771 Meters (5,809 Feet)

$3,975.00 USD Per Person (High Season)
*April 1 – October 31 & December 15 – 31
$2,975.00 USD Per Person (Low Season)
*March 1 – March 31 & November 1 – December 14

*Rates are current for 2022 and double occupancy of lodge rooms.

Extended Itinerary with Mountain Lodges of Peru:
7-Day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

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