5.5-Day Salkantay Trek with Humantay Lake

Peru Eco Expeditions has partnered with the #1 rated Inca Trail Trekking Agency to provide an amazing experience traversing the Salkantay Trek!  Highlights of this route include the stunning crystalline waters of Humantay Lake, Salkantay Glacier and camping at Llactapata, which offers spectacular views of Machu Picchu.  Trekkers will also have the option of summiting Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain. The trek will be accompanied by dedicated staff consisting of a bilingual guide, private cook & porters.  This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Itinerary Overview:
Pre-Day:      Afternoon Transfer to Soraypampa Campsite
Day 1:          Humantay Lake / Salkantay Pass / Wayracmachay
Day 2:          Wayracmachay / Chaullay / Ccollpapampa Loreta
Day 3:          Loreta / La Playa Sahuayaku / Lucmabamba Coffee Farm / LLactapata
Day 4:          Llacatapata Lookout / Mandor Hiram Bingham Farm / Machu Picchu Pueblo
Day 5:          Machu Picchu / Return to Cusco
*(Huayna Picchu / Machu Picchu Mountain Optional)

Salkantay Day Trek 3

Pre-Day – Afternoon Transfer to Soraypampa Campsite: 
Trekkers will meet near the Plaza de Armas in Cusco for a 3 PM departure.  From here, they will embark on a 3.5 hours transfer to the Soraypampa campsite. Arrival will be just before sunset, in which the trekkers can have time to photograph the sunset over the surrounding glaciated peaks.  At the campsite, the guide will settle the trekkers into their tents before enjoying dinner along with hot drinks.  The night will be accompanied by the countless stars adorning the sky.

*Note:  No Hiking This Day
Elevation at Campsite:   3,800 Meters / 12,467 Feet

Day 1 – Humantay Lake / Salkantay Pass / Wayracmachay:
After a good night’s rest, trekkers will have an early wake up to enjoy breakfast before the trek. During this morning, there will be a short team introduction between all trekkers and staff to ensure a positive, family-like experience. After the introduction,  the duffle bags will be given to the muleteers for carrying.
Today’s hike will begin by visiting Humantay Lake. This  hike is approximately 1.5 hours along a steady uphill. Once at the lagoon, trekkers will enjoy the serene views of the crystalline-blue water of Humantay Lake, often described as otherworldly paradise perched on the skirts of Humantay Glacier.
After breathing in the beauty of such a magical place, trekkers will begin making the way back down to the starting point.  The trek will continue with a hike to the lunch spot in Soyroccocha. This hike will be approximately 3 hours on gradually ascending terrain. On the way, trekkers will pass places such as Salkantay Pampa and enjoy the outstanding views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks. After lunch and a well-deserved rest, trekkers will continue for about 1 hour until they reach Salkantay Pass at 4,650 meters / 15,255 feet the highest point of the trek. Once here, trekkers will be rewarded with hot drinks before continuing!
From Salkantay Pass, it will only be 3 hours of hiking downhill to the campsite at Wayracmachay. Upon arrival, the staff will have the tents set up and duffel bags ready. They will provide trekkers with warm water to get washed up and change into something warm. Trekkers will enjoy happy hour with hot chocolate and coffee, followed by dinner.

Walking Distance:        18 Kilometers / 11.18 Miles
Elevation Gained:         850 Meters / 2,788 Feet
Elevation Descended:  850 Meters / 2,788 Feet

Humantay Lake Day Trek - Clouds

Day 2 – Wayracmachay / Chaullay / Ccollpapampa Loreta (Private Campsite):
After breakfast at around 7 AM, trekkers will hike for approximately 4 hours downhill until reaching the lunch spot at Ccollpapampa (2,700 meters / 8,858 feet). During the hike, trekkers will notice the micro-climate and fauna & flora changes. Trekkers will descend from the cold, glacier views to warmer, lush, jungle surroundings. There will be many different species of orchids to see, as well as ferns and begonia flowers.
After lunch and a well-deserved rest, trekkers will continue to the next private campsite called La Loreta at 2,400 meters / 7,874 feet. The hike will be approximately 4 hours on gradually descending terrain. Along the way trekkers will explore beautiful waterfalls & rivers. The route will end in the jungle, where local people farm coffee, passion fruit, papayas, oranges and avocados. Upon arrival to the campsite, trekkers will be welcomed by the staff and will have time to enjoy a free hot shower, hot Jacuzzi and perhaps even a swim in the swimming pool. There will also be time to walk around the ecological garden. Dinner tonight offer views of the Salkantay River.

Walking Distance:         18 Kilometers / 11.18 Miles
Campsite Elevation:     2,400 Meters / 7,874 Feet
Elevation Descended:  1,400 Meters / 4,593 Feet

Day 3 – Loreta / La Playa Sahuayaku / Lucmabamba Coffee Farm / Llactapata:
After a delicious breakfast, trekkers will embark on the shortest, but most interesting day of the trek. Trekkers will explore the tropical forest and will visit a local, organic coffee farm. At the farm, guests will have the opportunity to explore some of the orange and avocado plantations and taste some of the freshly-brewed coffee. Also at the farm, guests will have a brief introduction regarding the coffee in this region. As you will learn, the coffee in this region was introduced to the region after the Spanish conquest and most of the harvested coffee is exported to countries including the United States, Asia and Europe.
After the coffee farm visit, guests will continue with the trek to Llactapata by hiking along a section of the Inca trail for approximately 2.5 hours. Amazing views of the Santa Teresa Valley will accompany trekkers on their way to the Llactapata Inca site. At Llactapata, trekkers will get the first glance of Machu Picchu – including the main archaeological site, Machu Picchu Mountain and Huayna Picchu Mountain. Trekkers will also have the opportunity to explore the Llactapata Inca site with their guide.  From here it will be an additional 15 minutes downhill to the lunch & campsite area. This campsite is owned by a local family, and only our agency has permission to stay camp there. Trekkers will find the campsite to be great place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise over Machu Picchu.

Walking Distance:        12 Kilometers / 7.45 Miles
Campsite Elevation:    2,700 Meters / 8,858 Feet
Elevation Gained:        400 Meters / 1,312 Feet

Image result for llactapata machu picchu

Day 4 – Llactapata Lookout / Mandor Hiram Bingham Farm / Machu Picchu Pueblo:
Today’s hike will begin with a 2 hour, downhill path, with views of Machu Picchu, until Hidroelectrica Station. The most impressive part of this area is the natural 300 meter / 984 foot high waterfall which generates the electricity for the region of Cusco. From Hidroelectrica Station, trekkers will then continue to the famous Intiwatana (sun dial rock). According to history, this Inca stone used to work with the famous sun dial rock in Machu Picchu, during the winter solstice, which was the beginning of a new farming season for the Incas.
From the Intiwatana, trekkers will continue to the train tracks. The hike along the train tracks will be approximately 3 hours and will lead to the town of Machu Picchu Pueblo, located at the foot of Machu Picchu. This section of the hike will be interesting as it was the trail used by the American professor, Hiram Bingham III, when rediscovering Machu Picchu. On his way to Machu Picchu, Hiram Bingham met with local farmer Melochor Artaega, who eventually guided him to Machu Picchu. On your hike, you will hike past Melochor Artaega´s farm, where you will see many species of flora and fauna, including the famous Peruvian national bird, the cock of the rock.
Upon your arrival in Machu Picchu Pueblo, trekkers will enjoy a packed lunch and have the afternoon at leisure to explore.  In the evening, trekkers will enjoy their final dinner with the trekking chef.

Walking Distance:                            14 Kilometers / 8.7 Miles
Machu Picchu Pueblo Elevation: 2,000 Meters / 6,561 Feet
Accommodations:                             3-Star Hotel

IMG_0231 (2)

Day 5 – Machu Picchu / Return to Cusco:
Today will be the most important day of your expedition – the visit the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu! The guide will introduce trekkers to the beauty of Machu Picchu and provide a 2.5 hour tour of the site.  During this guided tour, trekkers will learn some more about the history and culture of the Inca Empire. At the end of the tour, trekkers will have time at leisure or can opt to hike the precipice of Huayna Picchu (optional & must be booked in advance).  After the exploration of Machu Picchu, transportation will be provided by to Cusco for the conclusion of the journey.

Classic Machu Picchu - Peru Eco Expeditions

Included Services:
–  Pre-Trek Briefing
–  Professional Bilingual Guide (English / Spanish)
–  Machu Picchu Entrance Ticket
–  Camping & Dining Tents
–  Transportation from Hotel to Soraypampa
–  (1) Roundtrip Bus Ticket to/from Machu Picchu Citadel
–  Train Ticket from Machu Picchu Pueblo & Transportation Back to Cusco
–  Pre-Day:  Dinner
–  Day 1:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
–  Day 2:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
–  Day 3:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
–  Day 4:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
–  Day 5:  Breakfast
–  Bottled Water (Bringing Extra Water is Recommended)
–  Satellite Phone
–  First Aid Kit & Oxygen

Not Included:
–  Guide Gratuity
–  Payment Transaction Fee

Special Notes:
–  Optional services at an additional cost include sleeping bags, inflatable air mattress, walking sticks & entrance  tickets to Huana Picchu / Machu Picchu Mountain.
–  Departure / Return Transportation Provided from Cusco, Urubamba or Ollantaytambo

Price – Private Service:
$625.00  USD Per Person (Minimum 6 Guests)
$680.00  USD Per Person (Minimum 4 Guests)
$755.00  USD Per Person (Minimum 2 Guests)

Price – Group Service:
$595.00  USD Per Person

*Please note pricing is current for 2018 and double occupancy of tents.

Humantay - Ricardo & Daniel

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